The 2022 Texas Library Association Conference

Some highlights and commentary about the 2022 Annual Texas Library Conference

Dear Gentlemen, Ms. Siegfried, Library Advisory Board and Board of Health, 

As you have been made aware, there are many concerned citizens who believe that the Irving Public Library (IPL) and now the city, have abandoned any sense of decency and are promoting dangerous sexual behavior to our youth and violating Texas obscenity laws regarding minors.  As you know,  the Texas penal code 43.24 is there for the protection of minors. The IPL, however, considers any and all materials it chooses to purchase to be protected under 1st amendment rights.  The 1st amendment does not protect obscene material displayed, distributed or sold to minors.  Any material whose dominant theme is harmful, appeals to the prurient interest in sex, nudity or excretion, is offensive to community standards as to what is suitable for minors, taken as a whole is utterly without redeeming value or is recklessly promoted or displayed is considered obscene.  These novels continue to become more and more saturated with sexual themes, and treat women and sexual relations disgracefully.  Graphic novels, which utilize pictures as its main form of communication, especially affect the brains of young people.  Many of our citizens no longer feel safe using the IPL with their children.  The city has moved from being neutral on these controversial issues to promoting dangerous sexual behavior through its tweets, instagrams messages and displays.

The IPL has purchased in its collections many, many egregious materials. After our meeting with the city and  Ms. Siegfried, 3 of these books were reviewed through the ‘Request for Reconsideration’ process by Ms. Siegfried’s staff and found to be ‘consistent with the library collection policy’ and American Library Association (ALA) standards.  She states that they receive some popularity as well.  Of course, therein lies the problem.  The IPL cannot review itself.

The IPL is biased and censors the data about sexual disease.  The ALA has a sexual activist agenda and is promoting not only Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH)-sexual performers reading to 3-6 year olds- in order to normalize gender fluidity and provide positive queer role models,  they advocate for librarians to sneakily (their words) add sexual materials to the collection, change words in the story hours and promote pride displays not to mention social media. At the ALA convention, June 2019, 100 workshops consisted of sexual activist agendas of which some of the titles were;  “Queering of Elementary School Children”, “Children’s privacy rights”, “How to fight your community when they object to  Drag Queen Story Hour“, by saying such things as…”The ALA doesn’t endorse DQSH but they support communities that do”.  At the convention, the ALA encouraged purchase of more sexual materials that promote promiscuity, anal sex, transgenderism, and gender fluidity among youth.

The IPL also celebrates suicide on its Pride display, despite the fact that the suicide rate among adolescents and young adults is at the highest rate in 2 decades and is the 2nd leading cause of death among this age group. 

Many of the authors of the sex saturated teen and preteen books state in their biographies; “bisexual”, “Queer Activist”, “Transgender Activist”, “kids are inherently sexual”, “bizarre erotica”.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, we are at RECORD HIGH LEVELS OF SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES in the US.  CDC and health educators no longer use the term safe sex.  20 million new cases of STDs in 2017, 50% of which are among our youth under 24 years of age.  The Dallas County Medical Director recently stated that HIV is at epidemic levels in Dallas county and the level of HIV infection in the men having sex with men (MSM) population is remaining constant.  Washington DC, whose policies are promoted nationwide, have the highest rate per capita of HIV, chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea.  The Dallas county health department has asked for almost $1 million in additional funding for testing, housing and services for HIV infected individuals. Our vulnerable youth are more susceptible to being exploited by the promotion of sexual promiscuity.  In Dallas county, black men and women acquired 40% of new infections and Latinos 25%.  One in 6 MSM will acquire an HIV infection.  HIV is never acquired without other infections and/or cancer.  The life expectancy of an individual who acquires HIV is reduced by 1/3.  The CDC now recommends that everyone aged 13-64 be tested for HIV because so many cases of HIV are unreported. 

Is Irving prepared to spend more money on the resultant diseases due to promoting sexual promiscuity to its youth?  Why is Irving looking to Washington DC as a role model for promoting sexual behavior through social media and in its library when the results of this policy are destructive, not only economically but physically, emotionally and psychologically?


The Irving Public Library is so biased in it’s promotion of sexually promiscuous behavior that it has zero items in its collection under homosexual disease and as of July, only 6 items in its collection about sexually transmitted diseases?  This barely existent number of resources about diseases, diseases that are at epidemic levels, while the IPL has 1000’s in its collection under gay, gender, transgender, gender studies, gender identity, queer, etc?  The IPL and ALA are using tax payer money and abusing its trusted position in the community to enable promotion of dangerous sexual behavior, normalizing gender fluidity and anal sex among girls and boys. 

In a study of HIV infected individuals, about 50% of the men stated that they had been molested before the age of 12 years old.  Many more beyond 12 years of age.  90% of sexual abuse is never reported. Most literature states that 1:4 girls and 1:6 boys are sexually abused.  Internet porn, video games, hook up sites like grindr, etc. have caused molestation to be common.  Safety for youth includes the materials that they are exposed to, the pictures that they see and the adults that they are near.  Children should be taught that no adult should be touching them intimately or inappropriately anywhere a swimsuit covers.  Yet, throughout these graphic and other novels and in DQSH, the library is promoting dangerous practices.  In other cities, drag queens are encouraging children to sit on their laps, playing and rolling around on the floor, one drag queen in Austin had a history of male prostitution, 2 in Houston were convicted child molesters. 

In Irving, the library states that it has no plans to have DQSH,  however, the library has no policy for its meeting rooms to prohibit sexual workers from meeting with children.  Are you prepared for any resultant law suits because you do not have protections in place?  Will you take responsibility and set up a policy protecting our children from meeting with sexual workers in meeting rooms?  If you are concerned with sexual abuse victims, I encourage you to refer to expert trauma counselors who help victims heal, learn their worth outside of being used sexually, rather than affirm the sexually abusive behavior.  Sex does not equal love as the current culture advertises.  Using someone is not love.  Children who are sexually abused carry this trauma with them the rest of their lives and it heavily influences their trust, self worth and sexual choices in life.  It is very important that we protect children in our public institutions. 

The library and city are promoting gender dysphoria and transgenderism.  This is extremely irresponsible.  Transgenderism is very controversial. Currently, some youngsters, after much internet indulgence, are convinced that their anxiety about puberty and social problems are due to the fact that they are the opposite sex.  Some sites inform the children how to fake suicide so that anxious parents will help them attain hormone blockers as young as 8 years old and cease their pubertal development. There have even been instances of autistic and students with psychological issues who have been convinced that their difficulty in fitting in with peers is due to their biological sex!

Hormone blockers will permanently affect a child’s growth and development and can lead to cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and sterility. Unfortunately, a psychological or medical evaluation is no longer needed to receive cross- sex hormones.  Only informed consent.  Individuals with gender dysphoria have many co-morbid illnesses; HIV, STDs, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, alcohol and drug addiction.  A high number of children who claim to be transgender are victims of sexual abuse or other trauma.  Fortunately, 90% of children who express gender dysphoria will grow to accept and be happy with their biological sex if their development is not chemically altered.  There is high rate of sex change regret. Suicide among those with gender dysphoria is 20 times higher than the general population at 40%. The suicide rate is higher after sex change surgery at 45%. Sex change regret resources for those who have remorse and want to re-transition back to their biological sex are growing in availability.

Let’s review a sampling of some of the Irving Public Library collection.


Jack of Hearts by RC Rosen in the teen collection:  It features a cross dressing, gay young man in high school.   In a Dear Abby-type format he illuminates his hyper-sexualized life including…”lots of experience with sex, lots of men, lots of positions, introduction to face slapping, hurting, handcuffs, kinky bondage, sado-masochistic sex can be fun, role play, meeting guys on Grindr, choking, anal sex, sucking off, advice to be the dominant, not the submissive partner and at the end of the book says he is excited as he is about to participate in his 1st three-some.”

Michele Tea, founder of Drag Queen Story Hour, is herself a teen novelist.  Her biography states;

“… fled her town…resurfaced in California…lived in a filthy communal house, smoked, drank, and snorted anything she could get her hands on…worked dead end jobs…traverses ground familiar with her previous work; booze, drugs, sex and protracted adolescence and 90’s queer culture.” 

There are 3 of her books in the IPL.

Check Please!  a graphic novel about an  ice hockey  team has dialog such as …”you finally showed up to team breakfast, ya lil fucker.”  ” You know what I like about you, Bitty?  You’re  a dude from the South and you’re not a bigoted dick-faced cockhole!”  or 2 boys talking about a woman…. “Fuck, I dunno, bro, her last texts were kinda cold.”  “For Real?  She uses emoticons?  Then it’s chill- emoticons always equal pussy.  Shit Jon, it is like guaranteed pussy.”  Since when is promoting bigotry and extreme misogyny to teenagers a goal of the Irving Library?

My Brother’s Husband, a gay comic book, depicts many nude scenes implying sexual activities, naked man in bath, shows a little girl in bed with a grown man, not her dad, while he is undressed.  Her rubbing his disrobed chest in another frame.  The brother and husband on top of each other in an oral sexual position. 

Midnighter vol 1 and 2, flaunt dialog such as; “Relieve stress on my couch”, unrepentant lust, exhibitionist, young girl says to Midnighter, ” If you let me live, you can do anything you want to me” and Midnighter says, “I don’t swing your way” and in another episode, “defiling your corpse” and “how about sauna rocks taken internally”.  The Midnighter series has lots of gay innuendo including Capn S & M and show 2 gay superheroes kissing throughout, naked men getting out of bed together, various stages of undress, promiscuity with various men, etc.

Teen Vogue magazine is still carried in the library as a donated item despite promoting anal sex to 11-17 year old girls, prostitution and dangerous sexual behavior.

LGBTQ Statistics,  won the 2018 ALA Stonewall Honor Book Award.  It states that 99% of gay men and 87% of gay women consume pornography.  The authors state that homosexuals experience twice the dating violence, almost 4 times the forced sex, are 5 times more likely to do illegal drugs, 60% report feeling sad and hopeless, 40% seriously considered suicide and 29% attempted suicide. Throughout the book, it never discusses sexual behavior choices or diseases but it does shed light on what goes on behind the façade of the rainbow by its pro-gay authors.

These are but a few examples.  We, the citizens of Irving do not have time to go through the entire collection of the library, fill out a ‘request for reconsideration’ form in an outdated paper system on every book and magazine and report it’s obscenity to the library staff, who despite budgetary restraints, utilized the biased ALA’s recommendations and did not have the good sense to NOT purchase these obscene materials.  Then we receive a report that it is consistent with someone’s standards outside of our community, so remains in the collection.  In order to be responsive to our community, who pay for and utilize the library, there needs to be an electronic reporting system, a community review board who is  accountable to elected officials, and our citizens, not library staff.  We expect our elected and hired leaders to promote safety for children over a political sexual agenda.  We expect our leaders to promote good moral character, to help promote safety of our community by communicating facts, truth and full disclosure about sexually promiscuous behavior.  This concern is growing in our community and will be an issue of any forthcoming election.




Concerned Citizen X

You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.

William Wilberforce